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Keeping the Flame Alive

When I mention that I work for Voyageur Outward Bound School (VOBS), someone often asks whether we “just serve at-risk kids.” I explain that we serve a wide variety of students, but that yes, one of our programs helps young people who are struggling to make positive choices. We don’t call these students “at-risk.” We…


There Is No Place Like Homeplace

The Pieh dock seems to always have some sort of an invitation. It’s a place of connection, dock-talks and wandering at the sky. It’s a relief for a mind’s whirl-wind at the end of a summer day, course planning, supporting, or office detail. It’s the start and a finish line home from the traditional Personal…


Tips for Working With Troubled Teens: Part 3

I stated in one of my earlier posts that teenagers are always looking for answers, whether they act like it or not. They are trying things, often seemingly lacking impulse control. This can present itself as wanting more, and more freedom. But there is often a disconnect between the ying of freedoms they desire, and…

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