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Sea Kayaking to Isle Royale

There are places that beckon to be explored. Everyone has them. Mine is Isle Royale, a tiny National Park located inconveniently in the middle of Lake Superior. The first time I saw the island was from across the water in Canada. I was leading a sea kayaking course for Voyageur Outward Bound that was exploring…


10 Essential Wilderness Cooking Tips

There’s a common misconception that wilderness cooking is limited to hot dogs, space food, and ramen noodles. There’s no right way to do wilderness cooking, but if good food is a priority to you around the dinner table, there’s no reason you should sacrifice that around the campfire. Whether you’re struggling with a peanut butter…


Adventures in Teen Leadership

“Adventures in teen leadership” is not actually the subtitle to the classic novel The Lord of the Flies. If scenes of teens running amok in the wilderness from this book are at the top of your mind’s eye when thinking of teen leadership, then let me introduce you to an alternative: Outward Bound. During a…