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Outward Bound History: Kurt Hahn

Born in Berlin, Germany, in 1886, Outward Bound founder and visionary Kurt Hahn was the second of four sons in a prominent Jewish family. In 1904, Hahn suffered severe sunstroke which left him permanently disabled and required a long period of recovery in darkened rooms. During these lonely months Hahn articulated a philosophy that would…


Serving Students by Giving

Giving is one of the most powerful principles of all time. Voyageur Outward Bound School has been changing lives through challenge and discovery in Minnesota for more than 50 years by using the wilderness as a classroom to provide unparalleled opportunities for personal growth, self-reliance, teamwork and compassion. With the opening of the Twin Cities…


Life on the Winter trails

“I’m going to camp out in northern Minnesota for a week this January.” When most people hear those words they think that it sounds a little nuts. Even fewer expect that they would ever utter them. The truth is, camping out in the winter can be very comfortable. All you need is the right clothes,…

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