Equity, Inclusion and Diversity

We are crew, not passengers.

Our mission is to change lives through challenge and discovery. Our vision is a more resilient and compassionate world with more resilient and compassionate people. Our mission and vision are grounded in interdependence. We believe that if we embrace a diversity of thinking, lived experiences, and voices, together we can create equitable outcomes and a sense of belonging for all.

We acknowledge our field – outdoor education -- and access to natural spaces has not been equitable, inclusive, or diverse.  This is changing and while VOBS recognizes its role in this past, we are deeply committed to being a change agent from this point forward.  

We believe Outward Bound should be part of every young person’s education. We know our experiences will significantly impact every student, staff member, and community as we make necessary improvements to support equity, inclusion, and diversity. We are leaning into this work because we know it will improve our programs, workplace, and communities.

We see this as a practice of ongoing work, guided and measured by these key questions:

Source: Justice Outside

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**This statement is a working draft. It was last updated March 2022.**

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