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10 Essential Canoeing Tips

I love boats. Canoes, really. They are simple. They float without fanfare. They have a history that harkens back 10,000 years to prehistoric dugout canoes, and more recently to the discovery of a well-preserved birch bark canoe dating 250 years old. There are tons of specialty canoes out there – from outrigger canoes for ocean…


We Are Always Outward Bound

In my family, Outward Bound is a rite of passage. Growing up, Outward Bound was always brought up in conversations because that is how my parents met and it brought them into a community that is made up of people who are passionate about the wilderness and outdoor education. My parents raised my siblings and I…


Outward Bound Center for Peacebuilding: Practicum on Experiential Peacebuilding (Part 3)

During the Practicum on Experiential Peacebuilding, an Outward Bound course whose students represented peacebuilding organizations and perspectives from across the world, my teammates and I were charged with the task creating an effective, efficient, healthy, and supportive expeditionary team. The curriculum for the course had us discussing various facets of peacebuilding, and the reality of…