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Changing the Lives of Troubled Teens, One Trip at a Time

It has been raining. It looks like it will probably rain again soon. The sky is a textured, pocked surface, and thunder is beginning to rumble threateningly in the distance. We have just left our lunch spot and are trying to paddle some significant miles before our day is over. The weather has other plans…


How Wilderness Programs Provide Help For At Risk Youth

A student stands knee-deep in a swamp, staring at a canoe. The swamp is the sort that is too thick to paddle through, yet too thin to walk on. Black mud sucks shoes in and releases decaying smells. The canoe is the nearly indestructible sort favored by non-profits or handed down through family generations. It…


The Most Frequently Asked Question

On Day One, everyone’s nervous. The students, quietly unloading their luggage at a campsite seemingly in the middle of nowhere. The instructors, trying to break the ice with the quiet students. The parents, waiting for a final call or text before a phone is turned off for maybe longer than it’s ever been off before….


Winter Expeditions Change Lives

The Boundary Waters is both incredibly harsh and beautiful in the winter. Watching the stars and northern lights through a crystal clear sky can fill you with a sense of wonder unlike anything in a city. At the same time, the cold and snow test your resolve. You find yourself having to keep constantly moving…