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In the late 1960s, Outward Bound created a task force to determine if an expedition-based program could operate in Minnesota’s Northwoods during the winter.  A few days of frigid camping had the inquiry interested yet highly aware of the safety considerations when running winter courses. Despite their initial concern, VOBS has offered safe and educational dog sledding programs in Minnesota for over three decades. We work diligently to provide a unique program offering among the entire Outward Bound network of schools.

VOBS winter courses began in 1970 and added sled dogs in 1981. In the beginning, one of our own instructor's, Dave Olesen, dogs made up our team. In 1985, VOBS adopted 12 of those dogs officially to the VOBS family and we began our own dog yard. From that original 12, the yard has grown to an average of 70 dogs at a given time. We have brought in dogs from all over the world, including Alaska, Antarctica and Canada.

At the end of their Outward Bound careers, we strive to find all of our dogs a forever home for their retirement years. Our dogs provide a service to VOBS and it is our service to them to find them a wonderful and loving home.

Provide a home to our faithful friends

Adopting a sled dog from VOBS is an easy and free process. You will work directly with our Winter Program Director to determine if the dog is the right fit for you and your living situation (i.e. other pets, children, your previous experience with dogs, fenced yard, indoor vs. outdoor).  We take extra care to find a match that works for both you and the dog.

Our dogs have been adopted out all over the country. Once a match has been made, we will work on travel arrangements and bringing your new family member home!

 All available dogs are listed below. If you or someone you know is interested in providing a loving home to our dogs, please contact Nora DuBois at or call (218) 491-6784.

Click on a dog to learn more about them.

Sled Dogs for Adoption


Ely, MN


Ely, MN


Lead/Team/Wheel Dog - Ely, MN


Team/Wheel Dog - Ely, MN


Ely, MN


Ely, MN

Unable to Adopt a Sled Dog but still want to help? Dedicate a donation to the dog yard! Click the "donate here" box and in the special instructions section, indicate "I would like my donation to go to the dog yard." 


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