Semester Courses


My semester course shifted my perspective on life, taught me resilience and gave me life skills. I have no doubt in my mind that I would have had a far different Peace Corps experience and perhaps even quit, if I had not taken my course shortly before heading to Nepal. While I expected only technical and wilderness skills from my Outward Bound course, I took away life skills that I use to this day. I learned through Outward Bound how to set day to day goals, how to get through a day that didn't turn out like I expected and to work with other team members that I didn't have a common background with. Those same skills in Nepal helped me to laugh on the hard days in a culture I didn't always understand, reset my goals and priorities and to live, play and work in a remote village for two years.

~ Sully, 1995 Winter Semester alum. Currently a Director at OB

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~ Jesse, 2002 Fall Semester Alum currently a-----

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~ Brian, 1996 Spring Semester Alum. Currently an emergency room physician

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