Application and Cancellation Policies

Before you make any further financial commitment, please familiarize yourself with the policies outlined below. All of the information is important as you are making a significant investment toward your student’s growth and development. If you are the student, you are investing in your continuing education. Please review the Cancellation Policy thoroughly. If you are the parent of a student, we recommend you review this policy with your child, as you will be relying on them to put considerable effort into the course and be an active, responsible, and safe participant. By enrolling in Outward Bound you are accountable for and subject to the information contained below.


Some of the information below regarding parent/guardian contact may not apply to Adult course students.

Speak with a Course Advisor about the right course for you. Outward Bound offers a variety of courses and course activities to fit the needs of a diverse student population. Some courses are more/less remote. Some courses are more/less difficult. Our goal is to help each student find the course that best serves them at this moment in their life.

Students must return their Enrollment Packet by the assigned due date or their spot may be filled with another applicant. Failure to return the enrollment packet by the assigned due date will constitute a cancel and cancellation penalties will apply.

Failure to provide accurate and complete information may result in a student’s enrollment being denied.  Outward Bound’s enrollment review process is thorough for a reason. Our intention is to provide a safe and successful Outward Bound experience for a diverse range of students. Failure to provide complete and thorough information about your physical, emotional and/or behavioral background may compromise your experience and the experience of the other students. Additionally, if a student has an undisclosed condition that results in their early departure from the course, they will not be eligible for a refund.

Contact your Course Advisor immediately if you experience an injury, illness or change to your medications (including type and dosage) after submitting your enrollment materials. If a student is cleared for course and they arrive at the course-start with an unreported recent injury or any changes to their medications not documented in their enrollment packet, they may not be allowed to participate on the course.

If a student has divorced parents Outward Bound will communicate with the parent whose information is included in the initial enrollment and note them as the primary contact. It is up to this parent to notify Outward Bound if additional parents/guardians should be included in communications. Similarly, this primary parent contact is responsible for informing any second or third-party payers of the payment and cancellation policies. Any subsequent financial obligation is the responsibility of the primary parent contact. Outward Bound only requires one legal guardian signature on the application.

Refrain from purchasing non-refundable airline tickets until advised to do so by your Course Advisor. Outward Bound recommends that students wait to purchase any non-refundable airline tickets until they have been cleared for participation through the enrollment review process and their course has been confirmed. Outward Bound will not confirm any course before receiving at least 4-5 student enrollments. Of course, students may elect to purchase their tickets at any time but Outward Bound will not be responsible for these expenses if their enrollment is denied or their course is cancelled.

If the Voyageur Outward Bound School has advised a student to purchase their airline tickets and then decides to cancel their course for an unforeseen reason, Voyageur Outward Bound School will reimburse up to $150 to assist with the airline change fee so the student can use their airline ticket on a different occasion. In this case, documentation is required. Voyageur Outward Bound School will not reimburse any gear, clothing, or hotel expenses so keep receipts and be mindful of hotel cancellation policies.


Outward Bound’s general payment terms and conditions are based on the investment we make in planning, staffing, and delivering our courses. These expenses are not recoverable in the case of short-notice cancellation or transfer. For this reason, cancellation and transfer penalties may apply.


Outward Bound requires a $500 deposit to be submitted with a completed enrollment form to reserve a student’s spot on a course. The $500 deposit is applied toward the total cost of tuition and fees for the course and includes a $150 non-refundable enrollment processing fee.

There is no deposit required to enroll in courses for Veterans. Please see course details for more information.

Deposit Refund Policies

The deposit includes a $150 non-refundable enrollment processing fee and the remaining $350 deposit is refundable if a student cancels their enrollment more than 90 days before the course start date.

  • If a student is not cleared to participate in a course, Outward Bound will retain the $150 non-refundable enrollment processing fee and refund $350 of the deposit.
  • If a student is cleared to participate and cancels less than 90 days before the course-start date, Outward Bound will retain the full $500 deposit.
  • If a student is past due on paying the balance for their course, Outward Bound may cancel their enrollment and retain the full $500 deposit.



The tuition fee covers all course-related expenses including food, Instructors, permits and equipment. Airfare, baggage fees, and personal expenses such as clothing and insurance are not included.

Full payment is due 90 days before the course start date, or within 2 business days after enrollment (if enrolling within the 90-day window). Students should be prepared to pay the Tuition fee balance at this time even if they have yet to submit their completed enrollment packet or have yet to be cleared to participate on the course.

Neglecting to pay the Tuition fee balance by the assigned deadline may be considered a cancellation and the student will risk losing their spot on the course and their $500 deposit.

Tuition Fee Refund Policies

In the event that a student’s enrollment is not cleared for a course, Outward Bound will refund their payment for the course with the exception of the $150 non-refundable enrollment processing fee.

The $150 enrollment processing fee is refundable only if:

  • Outward Bound cancels the course.
  • The student is a financial aid applicant, does not qualify for enough aid, and needs to withdraw their enrollment in the course.


Outward Bound cannot refund the cost of the course in the event that a student is unable to attend or complete the course due to an unexpected event, illness or injury.

There are no penalties if a student cancels more than 90 days before the course start date or within two days of enrollment (if enrolling less than 90 days before their course start date). With the exception of the $150 non-refundable enrollment processing fee, Outward Bound will refund $350 of the Deposit fee and 100% of the Tuition fee payment.

A graduated penalty system applies to cancellations less than 90 days before the course-start date.

For cancellations between:

  • 89 to 75 days from the course start date, Outward Bound will retain the full $500 deposit and refund the remaining balance.
  • 74 to 60 days from the course start date, Outward Bound will retain the $500 deposit and refund 75% of the remaining balance.
  • 59 to 45 days from the course start date, Outward Bound will retain the $500 deposit and refund 50% of the remaining balance.
  • Less than 44 days from the course start date, Outward Bound will not issue a refund.


 Airfare, related travel costs, and non-refundable tuition payments are expensive. Insurance to protect your trip and course is not required by VOBS but is strongly recommended.   If you choose not to purchase insurance and cancel your course or leave your course early you will be held to the terms of the Cancellation Policy. (See above).

Outward Bound offers an option for insuring these costs from the third-party provider InsureMyTrip through its Academic Explorer Program.  This program has coverage options that include your travel costs and the non-refundable tuition costs.   A link to that program’s insurance coverage options is below. Alternatively, you may choose to purchase trip-related insurance through a different insurance provider. In either case, the amount and type of coverage you choose is your responsibility and must be discussed directly with the provider.   




You may also want to consider insurance for the cost of Emergency Evacuation.  Health insurance often does not cover the cost of emergency evacuation by air or other means and these costs can be very expensive. Voyageur Outward Bound School will not be financially responsible for these costs in the event that your student requires evacuation.  

The Academic Explorer Program offered through InsureMyTrip does not offer coverage for emergency evacuation.  You will need to purchase that coverage from a different insurance provider.

Outward Bound makes no representations or warranties about these insurance options or how they handle claims.   


Waitlist Policies

Once a course has reached capacity, three waitlist positions become available. To join a course’s waitlist, click “Join Waitlist” to begin the application process. A $500 deposit is required.

This $500 deposit includes a $150 non-refundable application fee and a $350 tuition payment. The $350 tuition payment is refundable only if you cancel your waitlist application or if an open position does not become available. If a position does become available, the applicant will be applied to the open position and the Application and Cancellation Policies listed above will be followed, including forfeiture of the $500 deposit if you cancel 90 days or less prior to the course start date. 

Waitlist applicants are encouraged to complete all required admissions documents while awaiting an open position. If a spot becomes available, it will be given to the student who returned their completed enrollment packet first; not to the student who enrolled on the waitlist first. Positions may become available up to two weeks prior to the course start date. Applicants may only apply to one course. We recommend applying to a course with open positions instead of a course that is accepting waitlist applications if possible. 

Course Transfer Policies

A student may transfer from one course to another one time with no penalty, provided it is more than 60 days from the course start date. A $100 Transfer Fee will apply to subsequent transfers more than 60 days from the course start date.

For transfers less than 60 days from the course start date, 50% of the payment is transferable and the student will forfeit 50% of their payment. Outward Bound will not issue a refund for any transfers less than 30 days before the course start date.

Early Departure Policies

Some of the information below regarding parent/guardian contact may not apply to Adult course students. General policies regarding participation expectations apply to everyone.

Students who choose an Early Departure from their course (i.e. begin the course but choose not to finish it) or who are expelled for behavior related issues or undisclosed application information are not eligible for a refund.

Students who leave their course early due to an illness, injury or family emergency may be eligible to receive a partial refund or credit. If the student purchased the Tuition Protection Plan described below, they will receive a prorated cash refund for all the days of the course they miss. If the student did not purchase the TPP they will receive a similar prorated credit to use on a future Voyageur Outward Bound School course.

A student may be expelled from their course and required to leave if they:

  • Pose a danger, through misconduct or unsafe practices, to themselves or others.
  • Behave defiantly, are harassing or otherwise compromise the emotional safety of others.
  • Use alcohol, tobacco products or drugs (including prescription medication not prescribed to them) or share their medication.
  • Engage in sexual activity.
  • Are unwilling or unmotivated to participate and/or take responsibility for their share of group work.

Students who break the law or endanger themselves or other group members may be removed from their course immediately.

Students who engage in less severe, but still detrimental, behaviors that affect the quality of the expedition experience will be confronted by their Instructors. The Instructors will also contact the Voyageur Outward Bound School base-camp, and depending on the severity of the student behavior, the base-camp may contact the student’s parents. Outward Bound is committed to each student’s development and Instructors are trained to manage teen behaviors. Still the Instructor’s first priority is wilderness risk management, providing a physically and emotionally safe experience for everyone, not behavior management. Instructors will attempt to mitigate negative student behaviors, but if the behaviors persist, the student may be expelled and sent home early. Students who are expelled from their course, leave due to an undisclosed pre-existing condition, or choose to leave voluntarily will not receive a refund or course credit.

In cases of Early Departure, the parents/guardians of students on Youth, Teen and College courses will be contacted and asked to make plans for the student to return home. Students on Adult courses will be responsible for making their own arrangements while at the basecamp.

Course Credit Policies

In some cancellation and early departure circumstances, the student may be offered a course credit. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Cancelations or early departures for behavioral & motivational reasons are not eligible for a credit

If you are issued a credit, this credit will be good for one course through the Voyageur Outward Bound School. (Courses in Minnesota & Texas) The credit can only be used by the initial student/applicant or an immediate family member unless otherwise specified and must be used within one year of the credit being issued. Refunds or future credits will not be given in cases where the credit is used on a future course of lesser value.

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