Our Team

Leadership Team and Administrative Staff

Jack Lee

Executive Director - Saint Paul, MN

Marlais O. Brand

Director of Business Development - Saint Paul, MN

Jay Lyons

Finance Director - Saint Paul, MN

Brian Liggett

Director of Safety & Operations - Ely, MN

Stacey Minnick

Director of Development - Saint Paul, MN

Anabell Deutschlander

Twin Cities Program Director - Saint Paul, MN

Andrea Doerr

Ely Summer Program Director - Ely, MN

Dan Drehmel

Staffing Director - Ely, MN

Libby Fena

Course Advisor - Ely, MN

Yoshie Fujimoto Kateada

Technical & Support Program Manager - Ely, MN

Arty Rothery

Operations Program Manager - Ely, MN & Redford, TX

Anne “Ledoux” Grignon

Logistics Manager - Ely, MN

Emily Hoover

Development Associate - Saint Paul, MN

Kate Fenske

Marketing and Outreach Manager - St. Paul, MN

Maddie Holman

Impact and Engagement Manager - St. Paul, MN

Catie Morris

Logistics Program Manager - Saint Paul, MN

Min O'Brien

Program Manager - Saint Paul, MN

Tessa Olson

Director of Student Services - Ely, MN

Justin Ozrovitz

Ely Winter Program Manager - Ely, MN

Rachael Pace

Head Logistics Coordinator - Ely, MN

Clara Pena-Hanson

Course Advisor - Ely, MN

Kim Sun

Human Resources Coordinator - Saint Paul, MN

Megan Thiele

Partnership Relationship Manager - Ely, MN

Elliott Sweeney

Associate Program Director, Intercept and Open Enrollment Curriculuum - Ely, MN

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