Donor Giving Circles

Photo Credit: David Morgan

Donor Giving Circles

Lifetime donor circle

20+ Years of Investment

Mary Augustiny
Peter and Tanya Bailey
James and Sandra Bates
Kathleen Branch
Margaret Briggs
Paul and Denise Brodeur
Julie and Ben Butler
Janet Callear
Mary and Christopher Calvert
David Carter
Linda and James Cherney
Dr. Clark
Christine and Gary Cohen
Eleanor Crosby
Dr. David Crowe
Edward and SherryAnn Dayton
Judson and Shelley Dayton
Barbara Diederichs
Genie and Joseph Dixon, Jr.
Howard and Carol Ellegant
Bill and Kay Erickson
James Feerst and Judith Miller Feerst
Nancy Fesler
Dewayne and Debbie Fields
Alan and Barbara Fritsche
Ernest Galloway
Edward and Bryna Gamson
Linda Ganister and Susan Duffy
Teresa Gibson
Bonnie Glisson and Robert Warner
Dr. Karen Gotwalt and Ronald Reitz
Richard Greenthal
Vincent Grundman
Robert Hackney
John and Carol Hardenburg
Stefan and Lonnie Helgeson
James and Ann Howard
Dr. Mark and Ruth Hroncich
Stewart Hudnut

John Ivory
Benjamin Jaffray
Eric and Joan Kallas
Marianne and Philip Kanning
Sarah Kelly
Keith Kenny
Beth Kirschner
Richard and Sally Leider
Philip Li
Ernest Lister
Ellen Loebl
Polly and Robert McCrea
Dave and Elizabeth McNab
John and Michele McNellis
Mark Moeller
Robert and Sharon Moeller
Mark and Barbara Muehlhausen
Derry Patterson
Randolph and Carolyn Powell
Broocks Robertson
Jerry Rosen and Martha Brand
William and Judy Rummler
Kristen Rupert and John Foote
Mary Claire and Daniel Ryan
Suellen Sack and Theo Theobald
Barbara Sipp
Margaret and Lee Skold
David Smilow and Tracey Hecht
Bruce and Julie Steiner
Michael and Laurel Stiller
Ruth and Jack Teeple
Jane Thrash
James and Jennie Tomhave
Ronald Usem and Mary Tambornino
George Warrington
Mark Weiss and Scott Broer
Mark Wendt and Michele Williams
Gretchin Witman

15-Year Giving Circle

Connie and Mark Andrew
Carole Baker
Mike Beerntsen
Llewellyn Bell
Ronnie and Roger Brooks
Charles Burton
Diane and Bruce Carleton
Dominica and Frank Clavelli
Anne and Farnham Collins
David Dewan, M.D.
Kelly Dreibelbis
Hervey Evans
Christopher Ezzo
Steven and Cheryl Fish
Monte Fronk
Karen Hansen
Julie Hignell
Constance Hilliard Coyne
Cindy and Jeff Holker
Brian James
Christine and Steven Jansen
Laura Kohler and Stephen Proudman

David Lagasse
Eleanor Lahr
Elizabeth Lingle
John and Jane Lionberger
Lawrence Litchfield and Phyllis Coelho
Ellen and David Macdonald
Kimberley Marshall
Karin and Brian McDonald
James and Sally McLaughlin
Ted Moores and Janny Padelford
Henry and Teresa Morse
Mary O'Brien
Julia and Brian Palmer
Thomas and Laurie Pohlad
Andrew RinzlerCameron and Michele Skold
Warren and Mary Lynn Staley
Ray Steele
Frank and Elsa Sterner
Virginia and Edward Stringer
Barbara Strock
Dana and Thomas Vogen
Sandy Wilson and Pamela Toler

10-Year Giving Circle

Nancy Ballsrud and James Nelson
Kathleen and Michael Benson
Jodi Billy
Michael and Susan Burskey
J.P. Campion and Marcia Spiller
Helen Clarke Laseter
Katherine and Christopher Cona
Lynn and Jerry Cox
Clarke de Maigret and Matthew Tiews
Margaret and David Dines
Peter and Mary Diotte
Michelle Enciso
Michael Fatla and Maureen O'Malley-Fatla
Libby and Andrew Fena
Sarah and Christopher Gant
Nancy Gates and Kate Batten
Sara Gilliam and Carol Butler
John and Megan Haggerty
Jane and William Hall
John Hannan
Andrea Hanson
Jeffrey and Lucy Heegaard
Fran and Robert Howard
John Huie and Jaan Ferree
Kathy and Raymond Jankowiak
Anne Grignon and Penny Jeffers
Barrett Kennedy and Peggy Reily
Dennis and Sharon Kimbleton
Lynnda and Ralph Kroy
Duane Kullberg
Joyce Kullman
Louis Lacagnina

Jack and Laura Lee
Jeffrey Lee
Mary Gerry and Tom Lee
Mike and Cathy Lee
Suzanne and Donald Levin
Andrew and Denise Lewis
Dr. Gary Long and Margot Cusack Long
Robert and Margaret Marshall
Christine and Thomas McEnery
Maureen McGraw
Scott McKown
Marjorie McRoberts
Michael O'Rourke and Elizabeth Richardson
Kathleen Blatz and Gregory Page
Judy Pigott
Elizabeth Potter
Katharine and Bill Racine
Jim and Brenda Reidt
Natalie and Timothy Rice
Rae Sanders
Rebecca Shuford
Christina Smith
Laura Souers
Carrie and John Tietz
Davis Tracy
Bill and Judy Walter
Kenneth and Julia Wegner
Forrest and Martha Whitescarver
Peter Williams
Helen Youngman Kunde
Jennifer Zimmerman Bronder and David Bronder

5-Year Giving Circle

Carl and Sally Ahrens
Warren and Nancy Aldrich
Marc Alster and Ingrid Perdomo
Elisa Altorfer McBroom
Elizabeth Andre
Elizabeth Barrett
Raquel Beechner
Cathy and Hunter Bell
Jon and Constance Bivens
Roy Bohrer
Ellen Botnick
Bridget Brennan
Nancy Burns and Scott Harrison
Debra Busch and David Pugh
Sally and Ben Butler
Joseph and Jane Cavanaugh
Brett Cease
Donnan and Ann Christensen
May Coors
Diane and Tom Copeland
John and Gail Cornelissen
Jason Corsi
Page Knudsen Cowles and John Cowles
Steven Curley
Marit Dvorak and Derek Shanahan
Eric and Brenda Eaton
Bruce and Tracee Eidenschink
Galen Ellis
Ruth and Ken England
Abby Fenton and Aaron Rutzick
Kelli Florman
Howard and Linnea Franck
Phyllis Furtaw
Alan Garcia
Dr. Patricia Giebink
David Giles and Ellen Katz
Linda Sutton and Michael Gilgosch
Claire and Kenneth Ginder
Dinesh Goburdhun and Bridget Jones
Kathleen Golden
Dave Hakanson
Jeanne and Randall Hall
Robert and Jennifer Hanson
Scott Harwin
Jeff Hedlund and Amy Apperson
Gregory Heide and Susan Polege
Evan and Lindsay Hessel
Andrew Hokenson
Peter and Kirsten Horstman
Johnna and Bert Hyde
Alan Hyman
David Johnson
Thomas Joyce
Peter and Mary Kay Keers
Douglas Kelley
Richard and Marjorie Kellor
Joseph Kenig
James Kincannon
Michael Kipley and Susan Shank
Sally Koering Zimney and Andy Zimney
Georgianne Kornfuehrer
Ronald and Victoria Koron
Bill Laitinen
Michelle Lavigne and Tim Biety
Elizabeth Leach
Angela and Patrick Lee
Fred Leffler

Sarah Lightner
Jeff Loesch
David and Liz Lorry
Charles Lounsbury
Anne and Patrick Maloney
David and Ulrike Martin
Stephen May
Julie McCallister
Terry McEnany
Joseph and Julie McGraw
Rogene McKiernan
Donald and Elizabeth Modder
Norman and Susan Moody
Geri Morgan
David Mullaney
James and Franchelle Mullin
Mac and Wendy Nadel
Larry and Marilyn Nelson
Toni Nemanick
Jayne Nucete and Diane Tolis
Monica and Haakon Nygaard-Ostby
Bruce and Robbin Oehler
Debra and Gary Olson
John Ordway III
Eileen O'Shaughnessy and Art Perlman
Barbara Wood and Steven Pace
Clark Parsons
Jason Peterson
Jerome and Lucy Pieh
Delbert and Kay Ploen
Nancy Powers
Laurelyn Pratt and Tina Dederscheck
Robert and Rhonda Prieb
William Pye
Jody Radtke
Jean Sanford Replinger
Michael Rezendes
Wint and Christina Ritchie
Thomas Roth
Dursun Sakarya
Betty Salzberg and Lawrence Morris
Beth Silverwater and Norman Greenberg
Susan Simmons
Clair Smith
Eliott and Cynthia Socci
Philip and Claudine Solseng
John Sorteberg and Christina Kennedy
Jim and Joy Sovada
David and Martha Spicer
Chele Sproull
Andree Stetson and Mike Lee
Jennifer Sutch and Aaron Engelsrud
Carol Townsend
Kathryn Tranmer-Khan and Mohammad Khan
Susan Walto and Doug Hubred
Phyllis Wedvick
David Weiss
Cherie Weitzner Acierno
Thomas Wellems and Marilyn Powell
Michael Welp
Beverly Wild
Jeffrey Wilt
Bob Winchell
Laura and David Witte
Mary Beth and Keith Wyne
Ralph Young

3-Year Giving Circle

Catherine and Llyod Aanonsen
Christopher Adam
Janine Anderson
David Barnard
Phillip Bassuk
Amy and Kenneth Bonk
Dawn Brandley
Carola Haas and Kelly Brennan
James Bronson
Elton and Emily Brown
Jill Bubier and George Stone, III
Josef Burton
Ted and Patty Campbell
Andrew Carlson
Rodger and Barbara Carlson
Shawn Connolly
Patrick and Gwen Cooney
David Cost
Lynda and David Daniel
Katherine Davis
Jacqlyn Davoll
Susan Downs-Karkos and Kern Karkos
Wendy Duren
Mary and William Gephart
Tony Greenland
Lisa Greisman and Mark Gosnell
Timothy and Stephanie Greisman
Jim Griffin and Jennifer Bierman
Tracey Griffin and Lance Matthiesen
David Handler
John Hemlick
Tom Higgins and Julie Wissinger
Emily Hoover
Anna Irving
Douglas Jahnke
Peter and Cynthia Kellogg
Lisa and Eric Kilpatrick
Christian Klein
Mark Kristof
Robert and Carolyn Laskey
Daniel Lee

Jesse and Margaret Littleton
Elizabeth Ludwig
Erica Lundquist and Randall Krag
Jay Lyons
Jacquelyn and Gregory Mann
James and Cynthia Marrinan
Eric and Janice Masi
Megan McCrossin and Jordan Robinson
Richard McFarland
Penelope and Lynn Mielke
Elizabeth Miller
Richard Moore and Tess Tiernan
MaiSee Moua-McDaniel
Gail Nelson and John Minor
Gerald and Arlene Nystuen
Greg Park
Lisa Pugh
Sandy Ramsey and Ronald Cort
Rebecca Rom and Reid Carron
Jason and Amy Rowell
Kent and Linda Satterfield
Anne Schelleng
Bertine and Kenneth Slosberg
Kevin Spellissy
Mamie and Kevin Stichter
Anne Schneider and Dan Sundin
Judith Takkunen
Sarah Hansen and John Terwilliger
Josh and Kate Traeger
Lisa Vasko
Charles Viles
Susan Ware
James Watkins and Catherine Cardelus
Craig Watt
Heidi and Dave Weiler
Ryan and Megan Welty
Russ and Tammy Wilkinson
Kathleen Willis
Molly Willmott
Lisa Wong

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