Traveling to Outward Bound

Please arrive to the Duluth International Airport by 11:00 AM on the first day of the course. You will meet our staff in the baggage claim area. Look for Outward Bound representatives with Outward Bound signs.  Our staff will walk you to a reserved conference room for getting everyone checked in.

Please eat lunch and make any final phone calls before arriving at the airport. Expect to be at the airport until your whole group has arrived, at which time we will transport you an additional 2-3 hours to your course-start location.

If you experience delays on arrival day, please contact our Travel Coordinator at: (218) 491-6799

Traveling Home

Students will be transported back to Duluth, Minnesota at the end of their course.  If you are picking up your student you can meet them at the Duluth International Airport between 11 AM and 12 PM.  

If you are choosing to book a flight home at the end of the course, please do not book any flights departing before 12:00 PM from the Duluth International Airport.

  • It is important for you to note if a student tests positive for COVID-19 on their course, someone must arrive at our basecamp to drive the student away. In cases where the student has driven themselves, if they are able they may self-transport away from the basecamp.
  • Outward Bound is unable to support any COVID-19 testing that may be required by an airline. We recommend you verify the procedures and policies surrounding this with airlines directly and also verify with your state health guidelines that a test is not required to re-enter the state. If a test is required, you will need to make arrangements for testing after the course is completed and will need to make a plan for accommodations in Duluth while you wait for results.
  • Due to the nature of COVID-19, we highly recommend against purchasing any non-refundable travel. In the event that your course changes due to COVID-19, the Voyageur Outward Bound School is not responsible for any non-refundable travel. Please plan accordingly.


Important Information

MEALS AND MONEY ON ARRIVAL/DEPARTURE DAYS - Please bring a little cash for meals during your travel days.  Outward Bound will provide dinner on the first day, breakfast on the last day, and some snacks on both of these days.  There are minimal food options once you exit the security gate at the airport so plan to get something before you arrive or before you exit security. Remember to drink plenty of water throughout travel days!

MEDICATIONS – If you take a prescription medication, please ensure that you have enough to complete the entire course, and bring a back-up set if possible. If you use an inhaler or carry an Epi-pen, please bring 2 sets.

Remember to pack your medications and other important items (contacts, glasses, travel documents, money) in your carry-on luggage in case your checked bag is delayed or lost.

CLOTHING/DRESS ON ARRIVAL DAY – Please arrive at the meeting place dressed in warm layers suitable to below zero temperatures. Boots or tennis shoes, wool socks, long-underwear, and comfortable/warm outer layers work best on the first day. Please see the provided packing list for further information about appropriate luggage, clothing and layering principles.

Pre & Post-Course Accommodations

If you are unable to arrive by 1:00 PM on the first day of the course, we advise that you arrive a day early. There are multiple hotel options in Duluth near the airport. Hotels may or may not offer a shuttle to the airport. If not, students can take an Uber between the airport and the hotel. 

Days Inn and Suites. Can accommodate 18+ students, no minors. Students must have credit card in hand when they arrive to complete the payment. 

909 Cottonwood Ave. Duluth, MN

218-727-3110 - Call this direct line to make reservations. If you are staying between November and May they will offer a special VOBS rate. 


AmericInn by Wyndam Duluth. Can accommodate minors with parents' authorization. 

901 Joshua Ave. Duluth, MN

218-723-8607 - Call to make reservations. A VOBS discount may be available depending on the time of year. 


If you are over 21 years old there are many other hotels near the Duluth airport that are available to you.