Traveling to Outward Bound

Please meet in the Duluth International Airport baggage claim area at 4:30 PM on the first day of the course. Look for Outward Bound representatives with Outward Bound signs.

  • If you are arriving by plane or shuttle, we will be waiting for you when you arrive.  For those taking the shuttle from the MSP Airport, please find directions to the shuttle departure location in the travel itinerary that was emailed to you.
  • If you are arriving by car, please come to the baggage claim area at 4:30 PM.  If you don’t see any OB staff, just wait a minute; we walk through periodically to pick-up new arrivals.  Short and long-term parking are available in a secure pay lot.
  • If you are staying in a nearby hotel before your course, please make your way back to the Duluth Airport by 4:30 PM.

Please eat a snack and make any final phone calls before arriving at the airport. Expect to be at the airport until your whole group has arrived, at which time we will transport you an additional 2-3 hours to your course-start location.  We will make a stop at Subway on the drive so you will be able to purchase dinner.

If you experience delays or cancellations on arrival day, please contact our Travel Coordinator at: (218) 491-6799

With so many people traveling on the same day, we anticipate some hiccups. If your arrival is delayed, don’t worry too much. Contact our Travel Coordinator and we will do our best to coordinate an alternative pick-up with you.

Important Information

MEALS AND MONEY ON ARRIVAL/DEPARTURE DAYS - Please bring a little cash for meals during your travel days.  You are responsible for dinner on the first night.  We will provide an opportunity to stop at Subway during the drive to our base.  Outward Bound will provide snacks on the first day and breakfast on the last day.  There are minimal food options once you exit the security gate at the airport so plan to get something before you arrive or before you exit security or you will have to wait for the planned stop along the drive. Remember to drink plenty of water throughout travel days!

MEDICATIONS – If you take a prescription medication, please ensure that you have enough to complete the entire course, and bring a back-up set if possible. If you use an inhaler or carry an Epi-pen, please bring 2 sets.

Remember to pack your medications and other important items (contacts, glasses, travel documents, money) in your carry-on luggage in case your checked bag is delayed or lost.

CLOTHING/DRESS ON ARRIVAL DAY – Please arrive at the meeting place dressed in warm layers suitable to below zero temperatures. Boots or tennis shoes, wool socks, long-underwear, and comfortable/warm outer layers work best on the first day. Please see the provided packing list for further information about appropriate luggage, clothing and layering principles.