Pathfinder Dog Sledding & Cross Country Skiing

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Rediscover your greatness in the muffled stillness of fallen snow.

This course is not just for skill development, but also mastery that fosters confidence in yourself, independence from your Instructors, and pride in your abilities.

Are you looking to develop your leadership, define your values, be of service, strengthen the relationship with your family, and see what you are capable of? Then the Pathfinder expedition is for you.

Students travel over frozen lakes and rivers while learning how to manage teams of huskies, cross-country ski, navigate with a map and compass, check ice-conditions, process firewood, and generally stay comfortable in potentially sub-zero temperatures.

Prior to completion of the course, students conduct service projects and participate in a facilitated family conversation so that the entire family may gain insight into the student experience and how their learnings will transfer back to their daily lives.

No prior winter knowledge or experience is necessary.

Learn more by visiting or call our Student Services team (828) 239-2376.