Dog Sledding for Adults

  • 8 Day Adult Renewal
  • For more info call our Student Services team (828) 239-2376

Travel the silent, snow covered lakes and forests of the Northwoods supported by an eager team of sled dogs.

Learn and perfect the techniques of cross-country winter travel on this exhilarating multi-day winter expedition.

Skiing, snowshoeing, and dog sledding in pristine, rarely traveled snow-laden forests provides ample opportunity to develop greater self-reliance, technical skills and self-confidence. This once in a lifetime dog sledding adventure allows students to experience harsh and rugged winter environments with the support of skilled instructors and husky teams.

Whether you’re a novice or have prior winter travel experience, we provide instruction to increase your competence while learning to live comfortably in a variety of winter conditions.

Your spirit will soar with the chorus of excited huskies, ever ready to hit the trail. You’ll learn to harness and arrange your team and guide them through a variety of exhilarating conditions.

No prior winter knowledge or experience is necessary.

Learn more by visiting or call our Student Services team (828) 239-2376.